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welcome home. 

Mission Statement

 To establish the people of Central Appalachia in the principles of the Kingdom of God, and thereby releasing them to rise above all cultural, historical, economic, and generational limitations so they may live abundantly within their privileges and covenant as sons and daughters of God. 

It's Only a Test

 (Based on the book of Job)

By Pastor Johnie Akers

Bad news came, I got the call.

Lost my possessions, I lost it all.

My friends then turned away from me.

Why me? I asked, I could not see.

Then God showed up, out of my storm.

To teach me trust, beyond the norm.

His presence brought me peace and rest.

And taught me it was just a test.

Now that it’s over, I’ve learned this lesson.

He alone, is my greatest possession.

©Johnie Akers2019

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