A New Day


Luke 12:22 (ESV), “. . . do not be anxious about your life. . .”  Dick Jones lived as if everything in the whole community depended upon him. One morning he woke up early with a high fever. His wife called next door to a doctor friend. When he diagnosed that Jones had viral pneumonia, he suggested that Dick stay in bed for several days but Dick complained, “No, doc, I can’t!  I’ve got a breakfast meeting at the school, I’m president of the PTA board; and then, I’ve got crucial business at the office, a luncheon date, and three very important appointments this afternoon; and then the Building Committee at church this evening.  There’s no way I can be sick today doctor.”  “I’m sorry,” said his doctor friend, “but Dick, I don’t know anyone who’s indispensable, and I suggest you stay in bed.” At that very moment, as the story goes, Dick’s high fever sent him into a trance. And there in the trance, he saw himself looking in on heaven. The angels were gathering around God and His holy throne. But everything seemed to be in disarray; some papers were being passed around; and finally after some discussion, the angels passed a significant-looking paper to God.  He read it, and God was obviously upset. God got up off His throne and said, “Oh, no! Oh, no! What will I do today? What will I do?” The angels in chorus asked, “What is it, God?  What is it?”  And God replied, “What will I do today?  Dick Jones is sick!”  As humorous as the story is, it illustrates a sobering thought—none of us are indispensable.  Because of that, we should not be overtly anxious about life.  Far too often the self-constructed stressors of life encroach upon us robbing us of the peace that we could otherwise enjoy.  We pack our schedules so tight that any minute interruption reeks havoc with the entire day.  Life was never meant to be a burden, but to take pleasure in.  Only God is indispensable, and His position is secure.  The world existed before we were born, and will continue after we pass into eternity.  Therefore, each day is given to us as a gift from God and should be experienced as such; with the assurance of God’s providential care for each of us, for a peace-filled new day.

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